We subscribe to the following principles of investing:
  • We focus our efforts on ensuring we have evaluated each client’s specific financial needs
  • We view our role as a partner in managing your wealth
  • Pre-agreed risk budgets to provide for investor objectives and risk appetite
  • We define risk as permanent loss of capital owing to poor investment decisions. Risk is not temporary losses incurred as a result of short-term market volatility
  • We invest with specific investment horizons in mind to manage volatility risk
  • Multi-asset class strategy for diversification and risk management
  • We believe that diversification, across instruments, asset classes, geographies and currencies, reduces risk and provides access to a wide range of attractive investment opportunities
  • We believe asset allocation is the most important investment decision in providing for investor’s objectives
  • We base our view on long term returns being in line with historical averages. For this reason we build client portfolios around a long term strategic asset allocation
  • A core strategic asset allocation with a tactical management overlay to exploit opportunities and avoid loss
  • A medium to long term approach which does not attempt to make market timing calls
  • We don’t chase yesterday’s winners, data shows past performance is of no value in selecting superior performers in the future; above average past performance often turns into below average performance in the future


In implementing this investment philosophy:
  • We seek to minimise costs and taxes to benefit our clients
  • We don’t try to time the market, nor do we chase historical performance
  • We seek to manage downside risk and limit the potential for permanent capital loss
  • We educate clients on risk ensuring appropriate risk budgets to meet objectives
  • We utilise independent investment ratings to guide us on our manager / fund selection
  • We invest only in funds / managers with a proven track record of managing money through a full market cycle, trough to trough or peak to peak.