They say trust is earned. The reason we are so proud of our 25 years of looking after our client’s personal wealth. It has never been about building a big business or making lots of money, it was simply about doing the right thing, which in a world where ethics needs to be taught, is a rare commodity and our promise to you.

Another differentiating consideration, which I am equally proud of, is our independence, believing that any advice other than independent advice is compromised.

The value of advice is closely linked to our own faulty evolutionary “wiring”, which often leads to poor decision making driven by instinctive and emotional responses to market noise. During these times having an adviser as a “co-pilot” proves to be an invaluable service, providing not only peace of mind, but appropriate risk management.

“We are very grateful for the growth of our business over the past 25 years. Although we are now largely focused on serving existing clients, we still value the opportunity to discuss our services with investors who have R5m+ funds to invest”

The purpose of this website is to introduce you to our history, services, values and team, in the hope that you see us for who we are and what we stand for, which is real.